Get a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card to Buy from US Online Stores

Use a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card when Stores Won't Take an International Credit Card

Have you ever shopped at a US online store, carefully choosing the items you want, deciding on colors and sizes, comparing prices online, and finally tried to pay or checkout, only to see a message like this?

New US Unlocked cards

“Unfortunately, we were unable to verify the necessary billing information used on order XXXXXXXXXX and we had to cancel it. We really want to accommodate all of our customers, but there are times when we cannot verify credit cards issued outside of the United States. Therefore, we require orders to be placed using a US-issued credit card.” 

This is a common problem for many international shoppers trying to buy products from US websites from outside the US. It’s especially common for shoppers who frequently use forwarding services to get international shipping from US stores.

The problem is, US stores won’t let you place an order unless you have a US credit card, but you can’t get a US credit card unless you live in the US. To solve this problem, you can simply get a prepaid virtual credit card.

A prepaid virtual credit card is a US-issued credit card that you can load with funds from any international credit card, debit card, or bank account. When you use the prepaid virtual credit card to order from a US online store, the store will see your card as a US card, and accept your order.

Get International Shipping from Any US Store

A prepaid virtual credit card lets you buy from any US store, but what about shipping? If the store wouldn’t take your international credit card, chances are they aren’t going to ship internationally, either.

But you can get international shipping from any US store by using a package forwarding address to have your order sent from the store to a US address, and then forwarded internationally.

Get a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card Faster Through OPAS

There are a number of ways to get prepaid virtual credit cards, but if you already have a package forwarding address from OPAS, you can sign up for a new card directly through your account. Your account information will be automatically transferred to your new prepaid virtual credit card, which makes the registration process much faster.

To get a prepaid virtual credit card through your OPAS account, just log in to your account, go to the Personal Shopper tab, and click the “Get a Virtual Visa” button.

Combining a US package forwarding address with a prepaid virtual credit card is one of the most powerful ways to get access to US online stores from outside the US. If you don’t already have one, you can get a package forwarding address now.



23 thoughts on “Get a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card to Buy from US Online Stores”

  1. I am very interested in shopping at us on-line store. But sometimes they block the site to international buyer. If i will be issued this card, what method of paymeny i should use to charge the card.

    • It would be best if you contacted US Unlocked directly to ask about this — OPAS works with US Unlocked to provide a payment method for international shoppers using our addresses for forwarding service, but we do not provide the card service ourselves. You can reach them at We’re very happy to answer any questions about your purchases or shipping at

    • I’m sorry that you consider their fees to be excessive, but using a US Unlocked card is not a necessity for using OPAS’ service, we can accept your international payment methods. Use of US Unlocked’s card services can broadly enhance your ability as an international buyer to make purchases within the US. This is why we work so closely with US Unlocked, our services make a natural pairing.

  2. Theres always a Catch 21. Its mind boggling that OPAS does not highlight the hidden fees of the virtual Credit Card when promoting “Get A Prepaid Virtual Credit Card FASTER Through OPAS”. By going “through OPAS” you can connect the dots.

    Once a customer has secured the Virtual Card through OPAS is there a hidden [or maybe not hidden] clause somewhere that says you will have to use OPAS to ship your goods? I am interested in the answer to this please.

    It’s a brilliant marketing strategy that’s a win-win for OPAS and the Virtual Card Company.

    • I can assure you, there’s no catch with using OPAS’ services with the US Unlocked card. Through our partnership with US Unlocked we can provide a registration discount for their service, but once the card is acquired there is no obligation to use OPAS’ services to forward the goods purchased with the card. We certainly hope that the new US Unlocked card holder would elect to make use of our service and would provide them with the absolute top level support and service if they did so, like we do for all OPAS members.

    • A US Unlocked Virtual Card can solve that issue — we work with them closely, and you can have the billing address match your OPAS address.

      • so am i right to assume that you need a us unlocked virtual card to supplement the Opas card…if they ask for a billing address? Isn’t this gonna be expensive?

        • It’s not an expensive process at all.

          1. On Facebook, LIKE OPAS’ page. You’ll get a promo code for free registration.
          2. Sign up at for a Package Only membership. With the promo code to waive registration fee, there are no membership fees on this level of account. Free account!
          3. Go to, and apply for their card using your OPAS address. They charge a $15.00 registration fee.
          4. Get your virtual card, load it up, and buy whatever you’d like, ship to your OPAS address and we can send it to you. We can consolidate individual orders into single larger shipments for you, and this is one of the best ways to save on shipping cost.

  3. I’d like to find out if you offer US reload able credit cards that allow you to link it to your PayPal account if you are an affiliate marketer, and if so, can you please send me your link with this information.

  4. Im coming over to the US and want to order from, they only accept US Credit cards, can i use this for that and still ship within the US?

  5. Where can I purchase prepaid visa card from the store in US? Can I use the us based prepaid visa card to order from,, etc?

    • US Unlocked is the provider for a prepaid Visa Debit Card you’re looking for. OPAS works very closely with USU, and the card they provide to you will have a billing address that matches your OPAS shipping address. This is an important point. So you can go to and get an account with us first, and then you can get their card. With it, you’ll be able to shop anywhere in the US that accepts forwarder addresses and prepaid cards, which should include the merchants you have named. You’d ship the products to OPAS, then we’d receive, consolidate, repack ad ship to you internationally.

  6. Hi there,
    I need to put phone credit on an account for a friend in a US jail. However because my debit cards billed to another country it wont accept it. If i do this and use a US address will it work?

    • The US Unlocked card is a US-billing address prepaid debit card, so I would say it should work. If there’s a policy the institution has against accepting credit from prepaid cards, it may not work. I’d recommend contact US Unlocked directly at I wouldn’t want to provide misinformation.

      • Hi. What should I do to buy from US shop that does not accept international credit cards, and send the thing that I buy to US adress.

        • It’s a relatively simple process: 1. get an OPAS account at Just click “signup.” If you’re a Facebook user, you can “Like” OPAS’ Facebook page to get a promo code to waive our one-time registration fee. We’ll provide you with a US address at our facility in the sales-tax-free state of Oregon. 2. If the merchant doesn’t accept international credit cards, you can either use your OPAS address to apply for a prepaid US Visa card at, or you can use OPAS’ Personal Shopper service — this is where you tell us what you want to buy by submitting an order through your account, and we buy it for us using US credit cards and un-associated addresses. 3. OPAS will then receive and ship your items to you!

    • Purchases made with a USU card that is linked to an OPAS account would need to be shipped to that account. We would recommend contact with US Unlocked directly at for specific details — we work closely with USU, but we are not the same company.


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