5 Ways Social Media Shopping Makes Package Forwarding More Fun

Using package forwarding to shop online in the USA is a great way to save money on international shipping and take advantage of the best sales and discounts in the US. But some of the pleasure of shopping are the social aspects: spending time with friends and talking about what’s new and cool.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter (and who isn’t?), your package forwarding service can double as a social shopping community! Here are five ways social media can make package forwarding more fun (think of it as a social shopping netowork):

social shopping community

  1. Learn about sales events, discounts, and coupons. Most stores have sales and discounts that start suddently and end just as quickly. When you connect with other package forwarding users over a social network, you’ll hear about these events from other members who like to shop at the same stores you do.
  2. Share strategies for consolidating shipping. What good is a sale if you have to pay extra to ship your purchase? Experienced package forwarding members have a lot of advice to share on what combinations of items work the best to minimize shipping costs.
  3. Chat with other shoppers. Discussion boards like those on Facebook can be a great place to engage in conversation with other members about past experiences, share news about exciting products, or just make friends with people around the world!
  4. Get details about customs and taxes. No one knows the regulations of your country better than you… except other members in your country! Connect with others in your country and ask about their experiences so you won’t be surprised by customs requirements.
  5. Improve your package forwarding service! Talk to us to let us know what we can do to make our service better. Have a question? Other people are probably wondering the same thing, so post it to our Facebook wall so everyone can benefit.

Online shopping is a lot more fun when you can do it with friends around the world! Join us on Facebook and Twitter today to connect with members in over 250 countries. What makes package forwarding fun for you?

social shopping community

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