5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Package Forwarding Shoppers

Import Your Love with a US Package Forwarding Address

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th in dozens of countries around the world. Although it’s traditionally a Western holiday, many non-Western countries have imported the holiday and now celebrate in much the same way.

valentines day salesNo matter what country you’re in, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day the American way–with sales and discounts–by using your US package forwarding address to buy from US stores.

Valentine’s Day Sales and Gift Ideas

Not sure what to buy your loved one this year? Here are five great ideas–and great bargains–from US online stores.

  1. Chocolate
    Nothing says love like chocolate, and Godiva is offering free shipping on orders over $60 if you use the promotional code HUGS. Yum! 🙂
  2. Photographs
    If you’re sharing a special moment with someone this Valentine’s Day, you’ll want a way to remember it. Shutterfly will put your special photo on books, mugs, cards, calendars, or almost anything else, and they’ll do it for up to 50% off this Valentine’s Day.
  3. Jewelry, Watches, and Perfumes
    Macy’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide offers big discounts on each of these romantic gift categories. (Just in case you’re nervous about international shipping regulations, read this post about shipping perfume overseas!)
  4. Lingerie
    Victoria’s Secret will give your valentine $15 off a $100 order, $30 off a $150 order, or $75 off a $250 order when you use the promotional code SPRING12. Better order soon to get yours in time for Valentine’s Day!
  5. Ties, Dress Shirts, and Wallets
    Men need love too! Get yours a smart new tie or wallet at 30% off when you buy one at regular price from the Brooks Brothers Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

What Are You Buying from the US for Valentine’s Day This Year?

Got a great gift idea to share with other international shoppers? Let everyone know in the comments section!


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