Shop The 4th Of July Sales Like A Pro! Check Out Our 4th Of July Promo Now!

Let’s face it, we write a lot about US Sales here at OPAS. The reason is simple, we want our members to make the most out of their US mailing address and that includes our members being aware of upcoming sales and how to most benefit from them. The next big sales happening here in the US are the 4th of July sales. We celebrate our independence with fireworks, barbecues, parties and clearance sales :-).

What to shop for during 4th of July Sales:

The kinds of items that go on sale during this 4th of July period are diverse but there are a few items that are worth paying close attention to:

Back to school sales start in July. This means great deals on a variety of items, ranging from practical apparel, to package deals for dorm rooms (think cute bedding and décor) and (small) electronics and paper goods.

If you are in the market for a new duvet, home decor, some great shorts for your kids, and a new laptop for yourself, now is the time to shop! 

Browsing through online stores to get a sense of what you want to purchase will make it easier to snap up the deals when you see them. (Read here how you can install a simple, free, browser extension that will apply and try all active coupons to get you the best discount!) While some items require a quick decision as sales may end prior to the 4th of July, other items, such as footwear, require a bit more patience. If you can wait till mid to late July you can purchase a great pair of sandals by brand names such as Teva and Crocs at much much lower prices.

Most online stores allow you to simply add your items to your cart, then the waiting game starts, keep checking daily for new coupons and promo codes and when you are ready, and the deal is at it’s best you go ahead and continue to checkout. As your items start arriving in our warehouse, we are happy to store them up to 30 days free of charge. You can shop and save in your own time, and let us know when you are ready to ship your items to your home or business. International shipping to most of the world from the U.S. takes from 3 to 8 days depending on the carrier and service you choose. We will re-pack your items to the smallest, safest package(s) as possible to save on your shipping costs.

All your favorite brands will be having great sales, GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle, Best Buy, Amazon and Ralph Lauren.  We also recommend keeping a close watch on brands such as ClamCase, who tend to the sales towards the 4th of July also!

Check Out Our 4th Of July Promo Now!

Our mission is straightforward, to provide you with excellent customer service and affordable international shipping options for any budget. With the added benefit of our Oregon location, you pay 0% US sales tax.  

On top of all these savings, save an extra $10.00 off your next international shipment. Simply enter promo code SUMMER.

This coupon code is valid until JULY 14, one coupon per customer and for international shipments only.


9 thoughts on “Shop The 4th Of July Sales Like A Pro! Check Out Our 4th Of July Promo Now!”

    • Hi Edvin, we do ship LEGO, if you encounter difficulties placing an order, there are two things that help.1. our personal shopper service and 2. adding a US Unlocked VISA card to your OPAS address. Please reach out to for further assistance. Our customer service team can help you get the items you want!

  1. Regarding us unlock card
    Can you tell me if it can be use for Abercrombie and coach outlet?

    Does it charge me upfront including the service fee?
    Do I use opas alternate shipping address?
    If my orders are cancelled by merchant will the charge be refund to me? What are the charge that are not refundable ?

    • I’m afraid A&F will still block even with a USU card, as would Coach Outlet. They’re VERY strict, and use multiple different methods to block. USU does charge their service fees up front.

    • Yes, we can ship Perfume to Australia, using UPS or DHL. The shipping cost would be accompanied by a fee applied by the carrier for the dangerous goods carriage that OPAS would have to pass along. Please email and we’ll be happy to go into details.

  2. I have twice tried to enter your promo code: SUMMER and it has twice been rejected. “We were not able to process the code etc….” not much of a promotion.

    • Derek, our records show that the Summer coupon was used for your account for a previous shipment. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding, but the promo code was intended as a single-use. I’ll send an email to confirm details.

      • Thank you for your reply and for the email. I have no complaints about OPAS’s reliability or your excellent customer service. If indeed the coupon was used, then there was some minor glitch which led to this misunderstanding. Anyway, thanks again for providing a great service.


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