4 Ways to Help Japan by Shopping Online

We are all still in shock over the damage wrought by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe in Japan. Although our office in Osaka was far from the tragedy, and none of our staff or their families were hurt, we are nonetheless saddened by the recent tragedy and our sympathies go out to all those affected by it.

But even in Tokyo, itself a safe distance from the destruction, people seem to be getting back to their routines of working, studying, and even shopping. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the shopping activity in the busy Ginza and Omotesando districts. Japan is, after all, a nation of consumers, and it seems like even as they recover from the terrible events of the past few weeks, retail therapy is as valid a way to cope with catastrophe as any.

help japan by shopping onlineSimilarly, there are a number of ways those who are well our of harm’s way can help Japan recover from this crisis by shopping online.

  1. As reported by CNN, a number of celebrities have designed items whose sale benefits the disaster relief efforts. Lady Gaga is selling bracelets that bear the words “We Pray for Japan” in English and Japanese, Blink 182 designed a t-shirt, and Linkin Park also express solidarity on a shirt. You can express your help for Japan while expressing your taste in music.
  2. If celebrities aren’t your thing, a Twitter message has evolved into the website Pay For Japan, a collection of items designed by artists and artisans who will donate all or some of the sales proceeds to disaster releif funds. There are more t-shirts, jewelry, and even skateboard wheels!
  3. A number of our package forwarding members in Japan have already purchased radiation detection equipment. If you live in Japan or know someone who does, these products can help reduce the fear of radiation in locations affected by the Fukushima reactor.
  4. Finally, you can simply put your money into the Japanese economy by shopping in Japan. No matter what country you live in, you can shop online in Japan and have your packages forwarded internationally. Our Japanese office in Osaka will be happy to help you if you have any questions about availability or shipping.

The earthquake and its aftermath have been a terrible tragedy, but Japan is a strong country and we’re eager to see it recover. By shopping online, people all over the world can put money into the Japanese economy and help it back on its feet. What are you interested in purchasing from Japan?

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