4 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July with Package Forwarding

Celebrate The Fourth of July By Shopping in the US & Shipping Internationally

package forwarding july4The Fourth of July is a great opportunity to shop online in the US and ship your items internationally. There are a lot of great 4th of July sales you can take advantage of using your tax-free package forwarding address.

But here in the US, some of the items we use to celebrate the holiday don’t make very good package forwarding shipments! Here are four ways we’ll be celebrating the 4th of July here in the US that you can’t export… and four alternatives that you can. 🙂

4 Items To Avoid Buying in the US & Shipping Internationally

  1. Fireworks. Nothing is more essential to the 4th of July than fireworks. Fireworks symbolize the “bombs bursting in air” referenced in the American national anthem. But “bombs bursting in airplanes” is a risk you don’t want to take with package forwarding!Alternative: If you want to ship yourself a lightshow without the safety hazard, try the 4th of July sale at for some “American DJ” lighting equipment (promo code FLAG18).
  2. Barbecues. US barbecue retailers do more business during the 4th of July than at any other time of the year. Unfortunately, flammable items don’t make good choices for international shopping.Alternative: You can recreate the 4th of July in the safety of your own kitchen with (shippable!) gourmet kitchen accessories from Crate & Barrel. 60% off during their summer sale!
  3. Alcohol. Nothing goes better with a barbecue than booze. Unfortunately, alcohol is on the no-fly list when it comes to shopping in the US and shipping overseas.Alternative: Actually, you can ship table wine without any problems, and the US has some of them most unique labels anywhere in the world! Try Avalon Wine for some of the best bottles from the Oregon Wine Valley, the home of your tax-free package forwarding address!
  4. Cash. Nothing is more American than the dollar bill. You can celebrate the dollar by shopping at US stores and shipping internationally, but shipping cash itself is against the rules.Alternative: Gift cards! You can buy gift cards to US stores like or Best Buy, or buy brands like Visa and American Express. They make great gifts if you have friends who like to buy from the US and ship overseas. 😀

Get a FREE US Address Through July 4th

No matter what country you live in, you can celebrate the year’s biggest US holiday if you get a US address for shopping. Registration is FREE if you sign up before July 4th and use the promo code JULY4, so don’t wait. What is the first thing you’re going to buy in the US with your tax-free package forwarding address? (Already a package forwarding member? Tell us the first thing you bought.) Use the comments section below!


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