4 Reasons The Nook Simple Touch & International Shipping Are a Match

Nook eReader Outperforms Kindle–Only in the US

This week, Barnes & Noble started selling the newest version of it’s popular eReader, the Nook Simple Touch Reader. Many widely-read technology blogs quickly declared it superior to Amazon’s Kindle, and you can even see a side-by-side comparison of Nook vs. Kindle on Barnes & Noble’s website.

nook international shippingOne of the great things about eReaders is their adaptability. You don’t have to be at a book store to buy books anymore–in fact, you can read almost any book you want in any country in the world. (It’s a lot like package forwarding!)

However, Barnes & Noble will only sell the new Nook Simple Touch Reader to shoppers with a US shipping address. (No problem for you, since you have a package forwarding address, right?)

What Makes the Nook Simple Touch Reader Great for Package Forwarding Shoppers?

Many of the same reasons you enjoy shopping online in the US and shipping your packages internationally are also reasons you’ll enjoy the Nook Simple Touch Reader. Here are some of the features of the new device:

  1. The World’s Largest Bookstore.
    As a package forwarding shopper, you already have access to the world’s largest shopping mall–the mall of online stores in the USA! The same way you can buy from the US and get international shipping, you can use a Nook to buy any book in the world and get it “shipped” right to you. If you like international shopping, the Nook is your international bookstore.
  2. Ultra-Light and Free US Shipping.
    You automatically get free US shipping when you buy the new Nook from Barnes & Noble’s website. And guess what? Since the Nook only weighs 7.48 ounces (less than one pound), it’s possible to consolidate your new Nook with other items without increasing the cost of your package forwarding shipment. It’s also small enough to fit inside most packages without adding to the dimensional weight. That means free international shipping if you ship your Nook along with other items!
  3. Battery Life 6 Times Longer Than International Shipping.
    The Nook’s battery lasts up to two months before you have to recharge it. Since the average international shipment takes less than two weeks, that means you could make six or more package forwarding orders before you have to recharge your new Nook. How many books can you read in two months? If you buy the new Nook, you definitely won’t be bored while waiting for your package forwarding shipments to arrive. 🙂
  4. Share Books with Your Package Forwarding Friends. 🙂
    The Nook lets you share books with other Nook owners. This is a great feature because you can get recommendations from your friends. It’s even better if you’re a package forwarding member, since you can join our network of international shoppers and make friends all around the world. What are other package forwarding shoppers reading in Norway? Australia? Japan? Get a Nook and find out!

What’s Your Favorite Book… About Shopping in the US and Shipping Overseas?

Hmm, maybe no one has written that one yet. 🙂 But what do you like to read while you’re waiting for your package forwarding order to arrive? Fiction or Non-fiction? Politics or love stories? Comment below or share your reading habits with shoppers around the world on our Facebook wall!


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