3 Ways To Save Time and Money with Package Forwarding

How does your package get from our warehouse to your doorstep? We work with a variety of carriers to offer the fastest, most cost-effective service possible. One of the most trusted and reliable carriers we work with is UPS.

As UPS proves, small, strategic decisions can dramatically reduce the time and cost of delivery. The same strategy applies to package forwarding! Here’s how you can use similar thinking to save yourself time and money when you shop online.

  1. Consolidate your shipments. Even if a seller is able to ship to you overseas directly, if you make more than one purchase, you’ll have to pay for internationally shipping multiple times. It’s far less expensive to make multiple domestic shipments to our warehouse, and then request a single international shipment. It’s even better if you can get free domestic shipping!
  2. Ship early in the week. Some carriers may not operate on the weekends, which means if your package gets stuck in transit on a Sunday, you’ll have to wait an extra day before it’s delivered. Forward your packages early in the week to make sure they’re out the door and at yours before the weekend.
  3. Declare your items before shipping. Declaring your items before they arrive at our warehouse helps us process your items as quickly as possible. Even more importantly, declaring your items accurately ensures that they won’t be caught up at customs and helps you avoid unnecessary import taxes.

A smart package forwarding strategy will save you both time and money. Have a shipping strategy of your own? Share it with other members in the comments section!

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