3 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Import Duties on Package Forwarding

Package forwarding will save you money by letting you shop at online stores in the United States for lower retail prices than in your home country. But what happens when you import your purchases? In some cases, you may be responsible for duties assessed by the customs authority of your country. Here’s how to avoid unnecessary taxes when using package forwarding services.

avoid import duties on package forwarding

  1. VALUE. When you make a shipping request, you’ll have to declare the value of your shipment. The value you enter on your request form is the value that will be declared at customs, so it is important that you declare accurately. If you declare too high a value, you may be assessed more taxes than you want to pay! If you declare too low a value, your declared value may be considered unreasonable and adjusted upward.
  2. QUALITY. Your items may be assessed differently by your country’s customs authority depending on how they were made. For example, leather may be taxed more than vinyl, and new goods may be taxed more than used or repaired goods. Make sure to describe your item as accurately as possible on your shipping request form in order to avoid unnecessary taxes.
  3. COUNTRY. Different countries have different regulations regarding the import of goods. For example, the European Union has special guidelines for imports from the United States, and Australia does not tax the import of any hand-made goods! When filling out your shipping request form, check the import regulations of your country to see if there are any special allowances that apply to your items.

The value you enter on your request form is the value that will be declared at customs, and may affect the taxes you’re assessed. Declaring your items accurately will help you avoid unnecessary taxes so that you can enjoy shopping even more!

Are there any special allowances made for imports to your country?

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4 thoughts on “3 Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Import Duties on Package Forwarding”

  1. Good Day

    Im from South Africa which has a very high import duty. Ive been doing online shopping in the USA. Do you repackage items? if not do you know where I can find someone who will?

    many thanks

  2. You stressed vital importance of declaring accurately the value. OK my items is $122.50 how do I ACCURATELY declare that to ensure its not too high ir low??

    • If the price was $122.50, then that’d be an accurate declaration. Sometimes a careless mistake can lead to inaccuracy, sometimes people make a “mistake” to try to reduce their potential import payment. We can’t support that.

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