3 Tools for Easier Package Forwarding from

Digital Tools Make Online Shopping Easier for Package Forwarders is one the most popular online shopping sites for package forwarders. Even though there are different Amazon sites for many countries, the US site usually has the best prices, and even some products that aren’t available in other countries and can’t be shipped outside the US.

Sometimes, there are so many great deals on the Amazon US site that it’s hard to navigate and keep track of them all. Here are three tools for your web browser or desktop that make shopping on Amazon a little easier.

3 Tools to Make Package Forwarding from Easier


  1. PictureFox
    PictureFox is an add-on for the FireFox web browser that makes it easier for you to view and compare images of different products. When you search for a product on Amazon, you get a list of search results, with a small image of each product. If you want to see a larger image of the product, you have to click through to the individual product page, then click again on the product’s individual image gallery.

    With PictureFox, you don’t have to leave the search results page to see a larger image. Just move your mouse over the thumbnail, and images from the product’s gallery will be displayed automatically and added to the PictureFox gallery.

    How PictureFox makes package forwarding easier: When shopping across borders, the ability to compare prices is essential. With PictureFox, you can even compare photos from Amazon’s US site with photos from your local Amazon site, side by side in the PictureFox gallery.

  2. amazon dealsAmazon Deals!
    Amazon Deals! is another browser add-on, this time for the Google Chrome browser. Amazon Deals! puts a small button on your browser’s toolbar that simply lists all the up-to-the-minute deals and discounts available on’s US site. Even though there are other ways to get access to these deals (for example, by following @amazondeals on Twitter), the Amazon Deals! add-on is much more convenient, since it shows the deals in the same window you shop through.

    How Amazon Deals! makes package forwarding easier: One of the greatest features of package forwarding is consolidation. The Amazon Deals! add-on puts your bargain hunting and your shopping in the same place, so you can find great deals more easily.

  3. pricewatcherPriceWatcher
    PriceWatcher is a downloadable application for both Windows and Mac that lets you track the price of specific products on Amazon. As soon as the price drops on a product you want, PriceWatcher will alert you. In addition to the Amazon US site, PriceWatcher also works with the Amazon UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, Italy, Spain and China sites, so you can compare prices across countries.

    How PriceWatcher makes package forwarding easier: If you want to buy from the Amazon US site but don’t live in the US, you might miss a deal if the product you want goes on sale while your time zone is asleep. You can set PriceWatvcher to automatically add the item you want to your shopping cart once it hits a certain price, even if you’re away from your computer.

Best Online Tools for Package Forwarding?

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