3 Tips To Save Money On International Shipping

Shipping internationally is almost always expensive. It’s also become essential for businesses in today’s global world. Chances are you have suppliers and customers all over the world, in China, Japan, the United States, or Spain. Anywhere is fair game. In order to save money on all the shipments you need to make to different locations, follow these three tips.

  1. Use the smallest packaging possible – Many shipping companies will determine cost, at least in part, based on the size of your package. That means that the smaller you make your shipments, the cheaper they’ll be. So choose the smallest package possible that will hold everything you need to ship and all the necessary padding. Just don’t sacrifice quality for size. You still need to make sure everything fits and arrives in one piece.
  2. Consolidate your packages –  It saves you money by eliminating the ‘first pound or kilo’ charge on multiple packages, by reducing extra packaging to reduce size and packing material weight, and more.
  3. Choose a cost-effective shipping service and make an account – If you’re going to be shipping a lot then the best choice is to choose one shipping company and stick with them. Research the most cost-effective and reliable company with a good reputation, and create an account with them. Then, always ship under you business account number. You may get a discount for creating an account and shipping a lot, and you won’t have to continually research shipping prices for different companies.

save on international shipping

These tips to save money on international shipping will come in handy! You can also consider getting a US address to make shipping to the US and ordering supplies from the US easier and more convenient. OPAS is a package forwarding company that offers this service, and they have a great reputation for working with international clients and forwarding packages internationally. They’re one service to consider if you’re interested in regular overseas shipments and a US address. Check out their website or contact them directly for more information on their shipping services and how they may be able to help you save money.

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  1. Here I must mention that if the inside package is crystal or something which is breakable easily should be packed very carefully. As last month I experienced the same while I was about to ship my crystal frame to my girlfriend in kenya. The company suggested us to pack it with many plastic bags and put in way that can assure the safety of it. They also added that after the good is transported the shipment manager and their person throw the packages one place to other so it may can increase the probability of breaking.

  2. Nice tips for the cost effective packaging solution. Thanks for sharing. But while reducing packaging size and choosing packaging material, make sure the Quality of packaging should not be affected because different goods require different kind of packaging.


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