3 Reasons Why You Need International Shipping Insurance (Or Don’t)

International Shipping Insurance Based On Country, Carrier, and Seller

Package forwarding is a safe, reliable, and inexpensive way to buy from the US and ship your items internationally. If you can’t help but get nervous when sending your purchases internationally, you can always opt for extra insurance.

international shipping insuranceInsurance is optional with international package forwarding shipments. The only person who can decide whether or not insurance is necessary is you. Take the following factors into account when making a package forwarding shipment.

What Country Is Your Package Forwarding Shipment Going To?

How much do you trust the importing authorities of the destination country? Your package may make it safely out of the US and even all the way to its destination. But before delivery to your door, it has to go through customs.

Some countries are well known for their safety and honesty. You could probably send an envelope full of cash through Japanese customs and it would come to you without a single bill missing. (Although, this is not a good idea since shipping currency is prohibited!)

Other countries might be less reliable. Customs officers might simply be less careful, and expensive items might not receive the care you would hope for them. You might want to opt for international shipping insurance when buying from the US and shipping internationally.

Which Carriers Are You Using To Ship Your Items Internationally?

Most carriers, including DHL, UPS, and USPS, automatically insure your shipment for up to $100. If the value of your shipment exceeds $100, you’ll have to decide whether or not you want extra international shipping insurance.

In these cases, private carriers (DHL or UPS) are usually more reliable than government carriers (USPS). Your package might make it safely to its destination in the hands of the carrier you choose, but there might be some bumps in the road to get there.

If you ship via DHL, DHL will carry your package all the way to your door. You can be reasonably sure that they will take care of your package.

If you’re shipping with USPS, your package will have to go from the care of the USPS to the care of the destination postal service. If you don’t have confidence in the local postal service, that might be another reason to consider international shipping insurance.

What Did You Buy And Where Did It Come From?

You might be worried about fragile items, but anything that’s well-packaged should be safe enough to ship internationally.

You might consider the origin of your items. If you bought a laptop directly from the manufacturer (Apple or Dell), it’s probably going to come in a nearly indestructible package that should be able to withstand a good deal of transport and still arrive safely.

If you bought a second-hand laptop from eBay, it may come only in a thin sheet of bubble wrap, or tied to a panel of cardboard. It might be enough to make it from the seller to the package forwarding warehouse. If you’re worried about it going overseas, you might want to consider extra international shipping insurance.

When In Doubt, Just Insure It!

International shipping insurance isn’t just to protect against potential loss or damage. It’s also to protect against stress.

It might be better for your peace of mind to simply ensure your package so that you can stop worrying about it. If you’ve considered the above factors and still can’t make up your mind, just opt for international shipping insurance and relax. Better safe than sorry!


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  1. I’m glad that you talked about considering the origin of your items when shipping it to make sure that it will arrive safely and in good condition. My friend recently put up an online business and a customer from Japan ordered goods. I will advise him to properly pack the goods before shipping it.


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