2 Ways To Get International Shipping on iPad 2

So, some of our members discovered on Friday that due to concerns about the gray market for the iPad 2, Apple is refusing to ship this product to package forwarding companies. A few of our members’ orders were canceled, and we actually got a phone call from Apple yesterday explaining this situation. (If you did manage to place a successful iPad 2 order at the Apple store and have it sent to our address–congratulations! You snuck through the gates.)

ipad 2 package forwardingHowever, if you’re one of those whose order was canceled, or if you simply haven’t placed an iPad 2 order yet, you’re in luck! It’s still possible to get the international shipping on the iPad 2 using package forwarding services. There are two ways to do it. Here they are:

  1. Use our alternate address. We have a Top Secret office that we use exclusively for cases like these. Just tell us that you’re planning an iPad 2 order and we’ll tell you the secret address. Apple won’t recognize it as a forwarding address and will accept your order without any questions.
  2. Use our personal shopper service. We’ll buy the iPad 2 for you using our domestic (US) credit card, then charge your OPAS account the cost of the product. No problem!

To use our personal shopper service, just login to your account and complete a shopping request as usual. For the alternate address, please contact us using the button below.

ipad 2 international shipping

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