10 Strategies From Super Saver Shoppers

We’ve all heard about super saver shoppers before – those people who always seem to land tremendous deals or values and save huge amounts of money on all their purchases. But did you know that you don’t have to spend 7 hours a day cutting coupons in order to save big as well? There are a few basic tips worth keeping in mind that can help.

10 Strategies From Super Saver Shoppers

Here are 10 strategies from super saver shoppers to get the best price savings out there.

  1. Shop Online – This connects you to some of the best companies and best deals out there. Things like, for example, can often offer tremendous discounts on almost everything.
  2. Know the Sales – Sales like Black Friday or President’s Day sales are out there every year, and offer some steep discounts. Be sure to know which days to get the best values and use them to your advantage.
  3. Use Apps – Online apps can help you find the lowest prices for different products or even for low fuel prices in your area. Find the best money saving apps and use them.
  4. Get Free Shipping – When you order online, try to use a site that offers free shipping. If nothing else, free shipping on purchases over a certain price can help you in a big way.
  5. Home Maintenance – Doesn’t sound like a shopping tip, but it is. If you keep things like your ventilation system cleaned at home, you’ll reduce the amount of purchases you have to make regarding it. Home maintenance is always cheaper than home repair.
  6. Join Clubs – Things like Amazon Prime don’t just offer big discounts – they also offer free 2-day shipping. This can help you save and is well worth the investment of a membership purchase price.
  7. Daily Deals – Always check out the daily deals and weekly deals. Online sites offer great savings through these resources, and it’s worth checking into them regularly.
  8. Get A US mailing address – If you’re outside the US, you’ll need a US mailing address in order to take advantage of many of the savings and sales in that country. At OPAS, we can provide you with a US mailing address and then forward your purchases to you.
  9. Package consolidation – We will receive your packages for you and consolidate them into a new package that is as efficient as possible and will save you money on shipping.
  10. Tax Free! – Not only does the US do regular tax free shopping days for students, but if you have an Oregon address you can order online without paying any taxes on your purchases.

Our team can give you an Oregon address and forward shipments from it to your home. Keep these 10 Strategies From Super Saver Shoppers tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to deeper savings. Our team can help. Contact us today to find out how to get started with your US address forwarding service.

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