10 BIG Online Stores With No International Shipping

No International Shipping? No Problem!

Most smaller US online stores don’t offer international shipping because of the cost in time and resources it requires. But even some of the largest online stores in the USA have “no international shipping” policies. This means that international shoppers are left out of some of the largest selections of products and lowest prices online. Here are ten of the BIGGEST online stores that don’t ship overseas.

no international shipping“We Only Ship to a US Address…”

  1. Even though they might be the biggest online retailer in the world, much of their size comes from their marketplace affiliates. If you’re looking for something specific on Amazon, chances are you’ll only be able to get it from an affiliate. Since affiliates are local, you won’t find them on any of Amazon’s international sites, and most of them are smaller stores that only ship to US addresses.
  2. Zappos. The world’s biggest online shoe store is famous for their service, but only if you have a US address. They offer free shipping (and returns!) on every order, but don’t offer international shipping at any price.
  3. Apple. Their products are in demand worldwide, but the Apple Store only ships to the USA. Customers who want international shipping on the iPad 2 or a new iPhone have to pay a higher price in their own country.
  4. Nike. One of the world’s most recognizeable brands and a true symbol of the global economy does not ship outside of the US. (But package forwarding can bring the swoosh to you!)
  5. Converse. You can spend hours on the Converse website to design your own sneaker, but you won’t be able to ship internationally when you’re done. We’ve read so many disappointed Tweets about this one!
  6. Ralph Lauren. Another icon of American style that’s popular around the world but only ships to a US address. Guess how you can get a US address of your own?
  7. Best Buy. The very definition of a BIG box store, Best Buy has some of the best deals on the newest consumer electronics, but only for those with a US shipping address. (They reject most forwarders, too, but OPAS can still provide package forwarding from Best Buy!)
  8. HP. One of the world’s largest computer companies will only ship to US addresses. This summer they’ll release the new TouchPad. Will it beat the iPad? You’ll need package forwarding to find out!
  9. Dell. Another great source for laptops, desktops, and all-in-one computers that only ships to the US.
  10. Target. They sell everything from clothing to kitchen goods to electronics, but they don’t ship outside the US.With one of the largest selections and some of the best prices, international shoppers are missing a lot!

How to Get International Shipping from Any US Online Store

Good news! You can get international shipping from any US online store, even if they don’t ship internationally. Just get a US address from OPAS and start shopping today.

What other stores do you like that don’t ship overseas? Make a list in the comments section to help other international shoppers!

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